Fresh Veggie Bagel Sandwich

Bagel Sandwich

Fresh Veggie Bagel Sandwich

Fresh veggie bagel sandwich is strong and has the spicy mustard, crunchy cucumber, fresh tomato and salad green in it. This snack is so strong and fresh! Crunchy veggies and spicy mustard make this meal a real treat that you won’t have to feel bad about eating. With fine balance of carb, veggie and dairy, this sandwich is really delectable.


• 2- Slices Tomato
• 1-Leaf romaine lettuce
• 4-Piece Cucumber
• 1-Tablespoon of brown mustard
• One half of bagel
• Half cup alfalfa sprouts
• Two piece red onion
• Two (1/4 inch thick) rings green bell pepper
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


Step 1: Spread half of the mustard onto the cut sides of the bagel.
Step 2: 2 green pepper rings, 2 tomato Piece on one half, Layer 1 salad green, and 4 cucumber slices, one by one.
Step 3: Sprinkle salt and pepper on the tomato.
Step 4: Afterwards, top 2 onion slices and half of Lucerne sprouts, then cover with other half of the bagel.
Step 5: Repeat the same process with for another sandwich.

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